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full industrial integration; the group established polyfiber to produce
different kinds of synthetic fibers used in the spinning plants as well as the production
of geo-textile and non-woven fibers; the product includes bulk continuous filament (BCF) and continuous filament (CF) from 100 – 600 denier for upholsteries and textilesIn 1982 with the rapid expansion taking place within the yarn industry; Mecca Group established ECYCO producing semi-worsted carpet yarns to complement its major industry; the company produces different types of yarns such as manmade yarns; fibers; wool yarns; blended yarns; etc


Our Production included : POLYPROPYLENE SPUN YARNS This product can be used in manufacturing the carpets & rugs either for the pile or the wrap or also for filters and water filters
MAKLON SPUN YARNS this product can be used in manufacturing carpets & rugs for the pile
ACRLEREC SPUN YARNS This product can be used in manufacturing bedrooms & napkins

Seeking for the execusion of our companies policies & aims by offering some services with the highest measurement of quality and technique to face most of our client's requirements either for our products or any other products


Folding the yarn :This operation for the twisted polyester & polypropylene yarns either for the single twisted yarn or the double twisted yarn from denier 50 up to denier 700; also for B.C.F polypropylene yarns from denier 1100 up to denier 2600 and it started from 2 yarns up to 9 yarns

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